We adopted a cat yesterday. All she wants is pasirn2333333333333333333333333333w

Sorry. That was the cat. What I was going to say it all she wants is paint water. Paint water all day long. How do you keep a cat out of paint water?

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  1. dragonrhapsody answered: My parent’s give their cat her own mug with old tap water in it and leave it on their nighttable - maybe that will work instead?
  2. mogie answered: use something citrusy or minty scented. hmm.. try toothpaste, cats hate that.
  3. octobermylover answered: Lol, you can´t keep the cat out of any kind of water, but you can try with a top (:
  4. silverparadox answered: give her water with food dye in it?
  5. laurasleepy answered: I don’t have a cat, but my friend keeps special water cups around the house for his so she doesn’t drink his water
  6. zaboomafuck answered: a lid
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  9. faithbethhyden answered: petting your cat and giving her or him prices :D