I’m often asked what kind of watercolors I use. I use Prang watercolors. They are the only tray watercolors that I know of that are worth painting with. I realize I’m stuck in 5th grade art class. I don’t know why I’ve never transitioned to tube watercolors. Anyway, when you run out of a color in your tray you can order refills! I tend to run out of blue and black the fastest. 

There are a lot of watercolor options out there. I suggest trying a few kinds and seeing which you like best. Just avoid “student quality” paints. I bought a tube or two of student quality watercolor, and they were terrible. They turned to chalk on the paper after they dried.

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    Some tips from Gabby on what type of paint she uses! Brilliant for those into watercolour (like myself).
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  4. koozbane said: I use the same!! They’re the only ones that give me the opacity I crave while still being completely workable, if that makes any sense. My ‘artist’ friends alway look at me as though I’m totally nuts.
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