Catching up on questions!

euqah: If I wanted a commission, would you do it?

Depends. Feel free to shoot me an email to discuss (but if it’s drawing characters or something like that probably not): hello at drawgabbydraw dot com

the-little-mouse: Hi, I want to buy some things from your store, but I was wondering if you will have any Art Surprise Packs available anytime soon? (I live in Australia so I’d prefer to just buy everything in one go.)

They are back in stock! Thanks for your interest!

dorkooroo: Hello! :—) I love your art! Just a question, do you use just any colour or do you follow a specific pallet? :—)

I usually have a specific color scheme in mind. I think of colors in groups of three, and apply two main colors first and then figure out what I should add next as I go along. But color is always intentional. It’s very important, so I don’t really make it up as I go, unless I’m just experimenting, but that’s different!

bofinken: Just wondering, as an artist myself trying too succeed, what do you do for a living? I mean, do you do something else than just painting? Just curious… :)

I have a low key day job at the moment, but I was a teacher of various things for six years until this past year. I decided to change to a different job so I would have more time outside of work for art, but I still do have a job. My time outside of whatever “real” job I’ve had has always been at least partly used for making art, but when I quit a very fulfilling teaching job to make even more time for artistic pursuits, that time became much more precious, and I spend quite a bit of time here at this little table painting and drawing, updating my shop, and maintaining an online presence. I don’t know that I would count myself a “successful” artist, but what I can tell you is that success in anything comes from practice and hard work. I might have to work a day job my whole life, but you know what? So did Henri Rousseau, and nobody’s calling him a failure. Good luck to you!

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