I have a couple questions in the inbox that I’m going to answer right now. Ok let’s go!

modeloffreedomwhen you sit down to work, do you have set concept or idea in mind or do you just let the pen/brush flow?

A little of both. I do really enjoy making free form paintings and then adding spontaneous line work on top of them. Other times I have an image nagging at my brain that I specifically want to work through on paper. No matter what, though, I avoid getting married to an overly-specific image living in my brain. That only leads to disappointment in the final piece. 

How do you get your inspiration for the things that you create?

I’ve mentioned my general inspirations in my FAQ, but each day holds specific inspiration, depending on what I’m reading, what I’m watching (read: usually something animated), and what I’m looking at in general. Fantastic or otherwise weird images linger awhile in my brain and end up working themselves out when I draw and paint. Things I reblog or mention here are good indications of what’s inspiring me lately.

frckniani know you get this a lot but how exactly do you get the effects on your art ? what specif technique do you use ? By the way your stuff is amazing !

Allow me to direct you to these time lapse videos of me drawing. Here’s a blog post about my process.

nottraditionalfireThis may be a silly thing to ask, but how is your watercolor paper so flat even after you paint on it? Mine gets a bit distorted when I use watercolors.

I use watercolor blocks

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