I can’t believe this is just two weeks away! I’ll be selling prints and things at table T70. If you’re around I hope you’ll come say hi.

Tickets are $10. 10% of ticket sales are donated to 826 Valencia. Also included in the price of admission is a free tote bag, free drinks (both boozy and non) and snacks, free DIY craft activities, and other cool stuff. More details and ticket pre-sale here.

Also, I just saw the list of vendors and there will be a lot of talented people selling their American-made wares. It’s probably best that I’ll have to stay put at my table or else I would buy everything.

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  1. alicejamieson said: That looks great! I hope your stall goes well!
  2. pennypoorly said: Looks awesome.
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    ******** yay! most of us are not currently on the west coast, but we’ll send some operatives over to check this out!
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