Mushi-Shi  | “The Light of the Eyelid”

I suppose now I understand why I’m often asked if my art is influenced by anime or Japanese art. Anime isn’t an influence that I’ve consciously sought to emulate. However I’m starting to realize that what anime I’ve been exposed to (which really isn’t that much, especially when compared to serious fans) has had a cumulative impact on me. There’s something about its aesthetics that sticks in my brain and comes out of my fingers.

It’s been fun to start this series and see the episode I posted above, and then remember that I make things like this

As a final aside, I’ve been asked to contribute two pieces to a J-Pop show in San Francisco next month, so I suppose there’s really no escaping the perceived influence of anime on my art, and I’m totally fine with that. (More details about the show in a few weeks.) 

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    This is one of the few episodes of the series I’ve seen, and it was amazing. I really need to watch more of it.
  5. unsunglory said: love this anime so much. things like this really do influence my work, even though it’s not conscious. the aesthetics of it have become a part of my consciousness. good to know it’s not just me!
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    I’ve watched this series, and it is… simply wonderful. A series like none other. It will cause emotions within in you...
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